Life in art

I love all expressions of art, dance, music, paint, craft and fashion design. I think that all that you do with love is art.

In the 60's I did my studies at the "Bellas Artes" school in Lima and in the 70's I did Fashion Design at "Instituto Superior Virgen del Carmen" them I did studies of industrial molds at "Senati". Also, in the 80s I did craft and clay at the "Politecnico Jose Pardo". In early 90's I did fashion design at "Senai" in "Rio de Janeiro". In the middle of those courses and a lot of work I had 7 kids.

I been teaching almost all my life to elders and young students craft, painting and tailor. In the 80's I had a pleasure to work as a fashion designer of the magazine "Mujer" were I created patterns in different sizes, was a competitive product like Burda magazine. Also, at that time I worked at Carolina's corporation where I had the opportunity to create my own fashion collection and participated in fashion shows with my creations in professional models.

In the 90's I worked in Brazil as a fashion designer at "La Mansao de Elas" (Claudia Pires) in Rio de Janeiro them I back to Peru where I been working as a teacher, fashion designer in the fashion industry in Peru. In the 20s I did volunteer teacher work in hospitals and I did restorations in sculptures at the "San Juan de Dios" church - hospital.

I feel glad that I had the opportunity to do exhibitions in Peru and in Canada in 2013 when I got a work permit for 3 months to do my exhibitions, was a great time.

Another oportunity in 2019 to do a volunteer painting workshop to a Latino Senior Community in Davenport and participated as a guess artist to the Monarch Butterfly Exhibition at the Gardening Museum. Thank you Lumy Fuentes for the invitation.

I had a great time when I donated my painting to the VI Concurso Internacional de Marinera en Toronto en AUG 2019. thank you Diana Valenzuela for the invitation.

Please find here my resume: Resume Carmen Zelaya Escobar

I am available for teaching and exhibitions in Peru:
Phone: 51 1 4354665


My Next Activities

I am available for teaching and maybe an exhibition in Peru!