Exhibition on 70’s

Another great time, my little kids went with me to my second Conecta exhibition and this was one of my paintings on that exhibition.

My kids loved smelling of oil, acrylic and visiting art museum and exhibitions, they have also art talented. I draw them in charcoal early 70s.

Here the list of my exhibitions on 70s:

1978 – Museo de Arte – Lima, Perú – Craft and paintings, nomination to exhibition in Montreal, representing Peru

1976 – Petro Perú – Lima, Perú – Clay and Painting exhibition

1974 – Colegio La Salle – Lima, Perú – Wood carving exhibition

1972 – Politécnico José Pardo – Lima, Perú – Painting exhibition

1970 – Contacta 70 – Lima, Perú – Painting exhibition